The Future of Rallying is Green

We want rallying to be exciting and with the best fans in the world, we can achieve that. We’ve challenged ourselves to do more to offset our carbon footprint. We’re working with ClimatePositive, an assured environmental company, to measure and offset Inspira Wealth Rally Team’s entire 2022 carbon emissions, and implement plans to reduce emissions moving forward. Together, we can do our part to make Rallying a greener motorsport and show our commitment to the future of Rallying.

We want the best fans in the world to have a voice

Join the team and support the future

Where your investment goes:

SCB, world's leading low carbon commodity company, invests in a multitude of projects which remove and avoid emissions around the world. One such project is the Blue Mangrove project which involves the protection of land and the restoration of vegetation with the objective of avoiding and removing 11.5 million tons of C02 equivalent over the course of 30 years.. Click the link to find out more about SCB’s Projects.

If you are looking for a way to contribute to the planet as a rally fan, this is it. Join the team and make a difference.